• Maintenance of competency Recording System

    Records frequency based training and incident activities mapped to bespoke core skills aligned to industry standards

  • Driving Logs

    Records driving activity

  • Course Management

    Manage centralised courses,resources and requalifications

  • Development pathways

    Manage and report on all areas of Development

  • Incident Command Logs

    Record and Report on Incident Command

  • Reports, KPI's and API's

    Instant access to key reports


  • Core Learning Management System

    Acquisition, application and management of knowledge in the workplace

  • Sharing Catalogue

    Over 3000 courses from 30 FRS’s that are shared between users

  • Assessment System

    A repository of shareable assessments linked to Risk with sophisticated assessment options

  • Online Authoring Tool: Lab Advanced

    Build your courses online or rebrand a copied one quickly and easily

  • Video Streaming

    Streams video to devices from phones to pc’s at the right size and bandwidth integrated with the authoring tools

Integrated Modules

(Contributing towards Competency)

  • Appraisals

    4 stage appraisal system oriented to FRS's

  • Operational Assurance

    Manages the process of response managers and operational assurance

  • Equipment Testing

    Standard testing including PPE

  • Read and sign

    Send urgent safety notices and records who has read them

  • workforcePro

    Maintenance of competence, training and development for all other roles

  • Platform App

    Checklists and information integrated into the authoring tools for use when you are out and about

Why eFireservice

The only system that offers a frequency based competency management system against up-to-date NOS.

A unique set of ready built e-Learning courses contributed by 30 services for immediate use.

Cost effective and proof of Return on Investment.

It’s the only system that provides the good evidential value and ensures all regulatory compliance is covered.

  • Return on investment
  • National Occupational Standards
  • e-Learning, share 1000's of courses
  • Regulatory Compliance


  • One stop

    Your system is hosted in our cloud. Your system can be accessed via the internet at home or mobile if required.

  • Everything in the UK from build to support

    One number, one team for everything

  • Security

    Comprehensive security; firewalls, application firewalls, updates, analysis and active monitoring

Hosting and Disaster Recovery

Your system is hosted on our highly available system with extensive backup and disaster recovery.

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