pdrPro Core System

Maintenance of competence recording system

pdrPro is a planner based maintenance of competence system that includes all of the activities that make up a core skill. Whether attained in training, incidents, courses or e-learning they are recorded and reported in one place. The dashboard provides an overview and a route in to all parts of the system.

Firefighter dashboard

The system includes:

  • Training Recording
  • Incident Recording
  • Activity Planner
  • Core Skills dashboard
  • Management Dashboard
  • Development Plans and Reviews
  • Core Skills management Sign Off
  • Scenarios for CMS and learnPro
  • Integration with learnPro
  • Driver Logs
  • Read and Sign
  • User Definable Documents
  • Development to Competence with IV sign off
  • Supporting Activities
  • Internal messaging system

Manager dashboard

The manager has an overview of all their staffs activities, attainments and review requirements.

Recording Options

Role Support:

  • Multiple roles
  • All operational roles and senior roles including RDS
  • Control roles
  • Non-operational roles

Personnel Development:

  • Supports manager and internal verifier evidence reviews
  • Development plans
  • Supports skill and role-based development to competent pathway

Personnel Management:

  • Supports multiple line managers
  • Hierarchical structure based on role


  • Comprehensive suite of reports
  • Mobile friendly KPI graphs
  • Core skills
  • Answer the question who is and is not competent in BA (or any other core skill) instantly and drill down from brigade to person

Data Integration:

  • Full documented web API allows data import and export
  • Uses web token authentication

Driving Logs

Record blue light, road conditions and time-date stamps with full reporting.