Incident Command Logs

Incident Command Logs

Incident Command validation and revalidation should:

  • Ensure consistent standards of maintenance of competence are applied to incident commanders across all levels
  • Provide evidence that officers have the required knowledge and command skills for their level of command
  • Provide evidence that officers are consistently performing incident command at the required level
  • Provide an auditable trail of incident command skills and development

As highlighted by

eFireservice are integrating Incident Command Logs as an option to the core recording system. Available from the main dashboard of a user, an Incident Command Log (ICL) can be added directly to the system.

Incident Command Logs view

Logs are easily viewable and editable at any time

Adding Incident Command Logs

The ICL can be added from your mobile device, tablet and desktop

Manager View

Managers can review Logs of personnel within their scope and get a comprehensive report

The Incident Command Log report

Our Incident Command Log System has the following additional benefits:

  • Incident command logs can contribute to an activity in an Incident Command Core skill in the maintenance of competence
  • Review comments can be added
  • If a paper log is created it can be scanned and attached to the log
  • The system supports all of the major debrief models including METHANE, SMEAC, HAULET, IIMARCH and SHOPRIM