Development Pathways

Development Pathways

Many people in an organisation are on a development pathway. A typical one includes development between roles, return to work and apprentices. The challenge is to make the recording, auditing and overall reporting of all of the steps in a pathway easy to perform and keep track of.

Key features and benefits of our Development Pathways system are:

  • Monitors progress on the user dashboard
  • Instant access to active pathways from the core user dashboard
  • Quarterly stage assessments, quarterly PDR’s and verifier end of stage assessments are automatically scheduled and change in real time if the pathway takes longer or shorter than originally planned
  • A ready built set of pathways from other service available as templates
  • A built in document library with version control for assigning material to students
  • Centralised reporting

Development Pathway user dashboard

Pathway Module Options

Templates are available for many common pathways which can be copied and modified. Activities needed to complete a stage can be managed, signed off and sampled by an Internal Verifier (IV). Information can be uploaded to the system as documents, videos and audio. Links and attachments can be uploaded that will be needed as part of the pathway.

Typical centralised report