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Personnel Managed Count Feature Released

15th July 2019

A new feature has been released that allows managers to, at a glance, see if they have any work outstanding in their Personnel Managed section. Thi...

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Multi-day course functionality

New Multi-day course functionality now available as an extension to the CMS System in version 5+. The Course Calendar now reflects courses that are...

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G-Cloud 11 Provider

2nd July 2019

We are please to announce that we are an approved G-Cloud 11 Supplier. Buying services through the G-Cloud frameworks is faster and cheaper than en...

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WorkforcePro for Airports

3rd May 2019

Airports have many types of staff from Security to Refuelling operators. The system has a simplified system aimed at personnel with less training a...

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New Non-Operational System

25th April 2019

We are developing a new system for non-operational green book staff. The idea is that we provide a cut down system that provides the following opti...

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