pdrPro is now integrated with our availability system and on call personnel app. On call personnel update their availability and have a view of the status of the rest of their station in the app. You can set holidays, sickness and planned availability. The app has a geo-fencing function that can automatically set availability when you move from your base.

Control have access to the central database of availability and can automatically get information for a shout on:

  • Nearest station
  • What3words app location
  • Whether there is a trained crew ie are there 5 people including an OIC, Driver and BA who are in frequency on their training.

The App

  • Quickly see who is booked on/off
  • Set yourself as delayed (but available)
  • Responding to callout status of "On my way" or "Delayed but attending"
  • Configure your unavailability or holidays for any date in the future
  • Configure regular office hours or shift patterns which will auto book you on/off
  • Setup geo-fences to automatically book you off (or delayed) if you a certain distance away
  • Weekly hours summary to check that you are fulfilling your contract
  • Automatic notification of station alerts such as low crew/driver/o.i.c warnings
  • "Follow" crew to be notified when they book on/off
  • Built-in pager feature with bleeper tone, using the API, the phones can act as pagers to complement the existing pager in case of radio "black spots"

The Control System

The web based interface will be normally in the Control Room but could be available to anyone with the correct level of access. An API can link the system to the control software taking coordinates or post codes to identify the location. The system then locates the nearest station with an available crew.

Map based interface showing:

  • Station
  • Status (RAG)
  • Travel times
  • Drill down to further information