Equipment Testing Success at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

20th April 2020

Having implemented pdrPro’s Equipment Testing module across 23 out of 28 stations, Vicki Aspell from Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service reports “The general feedback has been what a fantastic system this is, watches are really happy with how it all works and are very enthusiastic about it all….a strange experience for me, since they generally don’t like change so you meet against a negative workforce!”

She lists the main positives they’ve found from using the system:

  • Removing the manual task of creating every year the creation of the standard test folders
  • Automating processes so we have removed 3 forms and another will be removed when the last 5 stations go live
  • Removing the need to email Technical Support when equipment has broken and emailing the other Crew and Watch Managers on the station confirm what’s missing and what’s damaged
  • Having such a visual system that means you don’t need to run as many reports
  • Removing the PPE Log Books and having a formal reporting tool to check everyone is checking their PPE at the start of every tour
  • For the first time, be able to have detailed information for evidence – which people on station can see how that can protect them and the thorough job they do when testing equipment