Further CMS Enhancements

25th August 2021

Course Reminders

  • It is now possible to send a reminder to one or more nominees on a course at the same time, together with a custom message as part of the reminder.
  • The custom message will be displayed as part of the internal PDRpro message, as well as part of the external e-mail message if the recipient has a valid e-mail address and the CMS Settings are set to send external emails.
  • The old method of sending a reminder to a single person is still available, but will eventually be phased out as this new functionality completely replaces the need for it.

Bug Fixes

  • Trainers now have access to the “Team Nomination” method for courses where this nomination method is selected.
  • The Managers “Team Nomination” list of participants now includes all individuals from their “Permitted Stations” list and attempts to order them by location. This may not always be ordered well as some individuals may have multiple locations available due to their roles.
  • Corrected an issue with the feedback report that would incorrectly fail when testing a date.
  • Updated the message on the CMS Feedback report to be more user friendly when there are no records for the selection criteria.