Incident Command Log Module updated

8th June 2022

Incident Command Log Module

The Incident command Log Module has been updated to include the following new features: –

• Ability for Incident Command entries to be reviewed.
• Ability for the individual to be able to select the person who needs to review the incident command event
• Ability for the reviewer to be able to “revoke” the evidence and the attributed competency during the review
• Once reviewed the incident command event will be Locked, preventing any further changes
• The attributed Duration, configurable in the admin section, will be displayed on all forms and Reports
• When an Incident command log is entered, an Internal “view” message will be sent to the individuals default Line Manager or all

Managers if no default manager is selected, and an internal “Review” message will be sent to the selected Reviewer. If the selected reviewer is also the persons manager, only one “review” message will be sent