New pdrPro module improves Operational Assurance

18th April 2023

We are delighted to announce a significant addition to the pdrPro competence and operational management suite: The new Operational Assurance module. This module helps your service remain compliant with National Operational Guidance while recording and sharing good operational practice. All data is synced seamlessly from the pdrPro Core System for easy form pre-population.

To adhere to the fire standards specified by the NFCC, the Operational Assurance module covers every area required to ensure that firefighters stay safe and compliant. Below are some of the most important aspects of the National Operational Guidance that are covered by the module.


Operational Compliance

You can easily collect incident logs, station audits, debriefs, and staff competence records in one location, pinpointing the current level of operational compliance and helping you become or remain compliant.


Operational Training and Development

The module offers a collated overview of all data documenting current competence and future development pathways in pdrPro Core, effortlessly keeping track of your staff’s continuous training and development.


Operational Preparedness

Use the module to document and evidence your station’s operational preparedness, including staff, appliances, and equipment. This will help you ensure that your local resources are up-to date-and well-maintained, further improving efficiency and safety when responding to incidents.


Operational Learning

Keep track of your station’s operational learning using the module’s closed-loop process to report best practices or any areas of concern. Incidents are assessed and recorded, discussed with the relevant stakeholders, and can be shared internally and externally as needed.


The Operational Assurance module is an important addition to the existing framework of the pdrPro and learnPro Core systems. It is a valuable tool that will assist your stations in remaining compliant throughout all levels of command. Make sure that your operations and all operational aspects are properly documented and steadily improving, and contribute to a more efficient method of working.

If you would like to know more about the pdrPro Operational Assurance module, you can download the Operational Assurance Module leaflet. If you have any questions about the Operational Assurance module or pdrPro in general, please reach out to us at [email protected].


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