Personnel Status & Fire Station Flag

2nd September 2019

The Personnel Status Flag allows managers and admins to set an individual to ‘Long Term Sick’ or Secondment or a number of other statuses. These statuses will take the individual off ‘active’ status and as such will remove them from all relevant reports.

The individuals still appear in reports where they are specifically searched for (personnel account report for example) but will be removed from all other reports when they are set to a ‘non-active’ status such as ‘Long Term Sick’.


User View

An individual can easily see their current status when logging into their homepage.

Hovering over the status will show a window documenting the time span the status is set to.


Manager View

Managers can also easily see the status of individuals from the Personnel Managed screen.

Active individuals (those without a custom status) will not show anything.


Manager and Admin Controls

Managers and Admins can modify this status by going to

(Manager) Personnel Managed > Change Details > Change Current Status in the Personal Details section.

(Admin) Personnel > Search for an individual > > Change Current Status in the Personal Details section.

A status can either run over a time span, the end of which the user will revert back to an active state or, if no end date is specified, will run until manually closed by a manager or Admin.



Additionally, there is now the ability to exclude an entire Fire Station from the reports.

Admins can access this by going to the Admin homepage > 2.2 Fire Stations > edit > Include in Reports checkbox.