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Enhancements to Training Planner

15th December 2021

A new option called “Expand Current Month Group Containers” has been added to the Admin Trainer Planner Settings page (Option 1.2). The setting determines if the planner current month group containers are expanded (default) or collapsed on page load and on subsequent navigation. Note: All these are service wide settings. Example: When option set to […]

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Appraisals Module Updated

1st December 2021

The existing Appraisals module has been modified to align it with the recent NFCC guidelines. All the new features are switchable, allowing existing users of this module to phase these in if/when required. Note: All text including headings in the example screenshots below are changeable and can be configured using the system labels section on […]

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Core System Enhancements

11th November 2021

New Planning Report and two new competency dashboard gauges New Planning Report designed to Plan Training now available on the Training Planner • Allow Managers to see the current competency Status of a watch against the required planner month activities over a three period, based on the planner month selected Includes • Activity competency due […]

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Incident Reflections Enhancements

20th October 2021

Claiming Activities during Incident Reflections • It is now possible for Administrators to choose which Activities are relevant/claimable when users are reflecting on Incidents. • During an Incident Reflection the user will only be able to choose activities that are ‘claimable during incident reflections’. If there are no available activities linked to their core skills, […]

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Enhancements to Qualifications

29th September 2021

Documents attachments and Qualifications now appear in personnel account report It is now possible attach a document (docx, pdf, etc..) when adding a qualification to a user. Qualifications now appear in personnel account report An additional section has been added detailing all qualifications for the selected user attained within the date(s) specified.

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Further CMS Enhancements

25th August 2021

Course Reminders It is now possible to send a reminder to one or more nominees on a course at the same time, together with a custom message as part of the reminder. The custom message will be displayed as part of the internal PDRpro message, as well as part of the external e-mail message if […]

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LearnPro eFireService merges with XVR

24th August 2021

XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService have merged to create a global leader in virtual reality and e-learning solutions for the health, fire, police and other emergency services. The combined software suite provides a platform for e-learning management, an authoring tool, competency reporting and training, including an immersive virtual reality simulation training platform. 24 August 2021 […]

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New homepage Activity Search Control

17th August 2020

By popular demand – New homepage Activity Search Control has been developed. This new feature is currently activated on all V5 demo sites but can be activated onto live sites on request. Key features: Add other training activities directly from the homepage – No need to scroll back/forward through planner to find required activity.   […]

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Bulk Test Functionality added to Equipment Testing

16th June 2020

Bulk test functionality has now been added to Equipment Testing and is available over standard and PPE versions of the module. The steps below go through how this new feature is used by users and admins. User Bulk Test From a users’ point of view, they will see a screen like the one below. Next […]

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Personnel Groups functionality for Read and Sign Notifications

A new functionality is available for personnel groups in Read and Sign. The following steps and screenshots explain how it works.   The new option is on the admin home page and is called Personnel Groups.       It displays a new screen allowing you to search on Personnel Groups or creating new ones. […]

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