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Personnel Status & Fire Station Flag

2nd September 2019

The Personnel Status Flag allows managers and admins to set an individual to ‘Long Term Sick’ or Secondment or a number of other statuses. These statuses will take the individual off ‘active’ status and as such will remove them from all relevant reports. The individuals still appear in reports where they are specifically searched for […]

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Personnel Managed Count Feature Released

15th July 2019

A new feature has been released that allows managers to, at a glance, see if they have any work outstanding in their Personnel Managed section. This count reflects the number of items (work to be done) including any incident/training reviews, plans, etc. Up to 9 items are counted at which point the count changes to […]

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Multi-day course functionality

New Multi-day course functionality now available as an extension to the CMS System in version 5+. The Course Calendar now reflects courses that are not contiguous, and highlight courses that are Multi-day courses.

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G-Cloud 11 Provider

2nd July 2019

We are please to announce that we are an approved G-Cloud 11 Supplier. Buying services through the G-Cloud frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.

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WorkforcePro for Airports

3rd May 2019

Airports have many types of staff from Security to Refuelling operators. The system has a simplified system aimed at personnel with less training and development needs which allows easy access to training, development, e-Learning and messages.

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New Non-Operational System

25th April 2019

We are developing a new system for non-operational green book staff. The idea is that we provide a cut down system that provides the following options: A planner or a topic based list of training, e-Learning and courses Courses using the course management system Development pathways Messages Appraisals Document library or links to key internal […]

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